Fall Ball Registration Is Open

Program Runs During September and October

Updated Thursday August 10, 2017 by Blake Rhodes.

The 2017 Fall Ball program will focus on instruction for both players and coaches.

Rashid KhalilWMLL’s Director of Instruction, will be leading each team’s practices in conjunction with the team’s volunteer coaches over the eight-week program. His expertise will help instill the “WMLL Way” that focuses on players and coaches learning the proper techniques, fundamentals and mental aspects of pitching, hitting, and fielding.

The Fall Ball season runs from September through October.  There will be one 90-minute practice led by Rashid and the volunteer coaches for each of the five levels during the week. The practice schedule will be determined in the coming weeks. Games, which will be played on Sundays against teams from other District 3 leagues, will be coached by the volunteer assistants with assistance from Rashid. All told, the season will consist of at least 8 practices and 8 games.

Ages for each division are set by the international Little League organization. This registration system will automatically determine which division your child is eligible to play in.  Here are our recommended placements and fees, based on "league-age" and previous experience:

  • Entering Minors ($180): 8-year-olds who played Farm or Minors AA and plan to play Minors AA or AAA in the Spring.
  • Returning Minors ($180): 9- and 10-year-olds who plan to play Minors AA or AAA in the Spring.
  • Entering Majors ($180): Strong 10-year-olds who played AAA last season and hope to play Majors in the Spring, and all 11-year-olds who played AAA last season.
  • Returning Majors ($180): Players who were in Majors last season and are young enough to play Majors again in the Spring.
  • Juniors ($205): 13-, 14- and 15-year-olds who plan to play Juniors in the Spring for the first time, or played Juniors last season.

To register, go to WestMarinLittleLeague.com and click on the “Registration Is Open” banner at the top of the page. If you’re willing to coach, please sign up as soon as possible.