Ross Valley Healthy Community Collaborative Initiative

Updated Sunday June 11, 2017 by Blake Rhodes.

Recently, the WMLL Board met with representatives from the Ross Valley Healthy Community Collaborative (RVHCC)  to discuss the significant alcohol and drug use/abuse statistics pertaining to both adults and youth in Marin County and, more specifically, with youth in San Anselmo and Fairfax.  

We learned that our community has a significant problem with alcohol and drug use/abuse, including among our kids, as young as 13-14.  Adult behavior with regard to the use of alcohol (or other drugs) at youth-oriented events normalizes the use and sets a standard for how people enjoy themselves when gathering for any given event or social situation.   

RVCC is not remotely focused on prohibition or eliminating alcohol use in our community, but that the proper modeling of responsible use of alcohol is important for our kids to see. 

For that reason, the West Marin Little League board voted for a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol at any WMLL games and to ask our teams to have all team parties and gatherings where kids are present be alcohol-free.  

Thank you for supporting our work and supporting our kids.  You can learn more about RVHCC at